About Me

This website is my excuse to throw away most of the paperwork I’ve been accumulating and carrying around during my nomadic life, and also to record, for myself and possibly my children where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing for the last 70 years.

In brief

Born on 16th April 1941 I was raised In Eastcote Middlesex, a few miles north of London. I left home at 19 and spent the first part of the ‘swinging 60’s’ in flats in London.

I emigrated in 1965 to live in Barcelona, and since then I have spent well over half of my life overseas, in Spain and Hong Kong.

Married to Valerie, who I met in Barcelona, for twenty years, we lived in Spain, Hong Kong and the UK. We have three great kids, Jan, Don and Diana.

Although qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, I resigned after a few years realising that designing and implementing computer systems was far more interesting – and also I was better at it. In my career I have worked for Price Waterhouse (Barcelona), the Swire Group (Hong Kong) and finally Royal Insurance (now Royal Sun Alliance) in Liverpool and London. More detail in my Career page.

Integrated Insurance systems, financial and executive information systems, implementing world wide email etc has taken me to Barcelona, Madrid, Genoa, Lisbon, Singapore, Charlotte, London and Liverpool, with ten years in Hong Kong.

After my divorce I was alone for seven years until I met Jo in 1998. The following year, both self-employed, we retired, married, put our UK properties on the market, and left to live in Spain. We own a 150 year old finca, with 4,500 m² of land, in the Montgo Natural Park, near the small village of Jesus Pobre, south of Valencia. We have converted two one-bedroomed flats into one apartment with a huge terrace in the Port area of Javea nearby. We will eventually sell the finca and move to the apartment.

Jo and I set up an internet real estate business, called Javea Online in 2000 which was extremely successful. With business slowing down in 2008 due to the property recession in Spain, I looked for other interests.

I delved into my ancestry back into the middle of the 18th Century. The various branches (from Northumberland, Norfolk, Devon and Northampton) all eventually ended up in Chelsea, London, where my mother was born and married. Hence my support of that football club since I was old enough to walk toStamford Bridge to watch them, with my father, uncles and cousins from a house my grandmother owned in Luna Street near the Worlds End Pub in the Kings Road, Chelsea.

No famous people in my past, but members of the family fought in the Opium Wars in China, the East Indies, the Crimea War and one was shot and injured near Cadiz in Spain when fighting Napoleon – and I thought I was the first Henderson here in Spain – they beat me by over 150 years in Spain and even more in China. Must be from this branch of the family I inherited the travel gene!

Having written some short stories many years ago, I thought it was time I should try something more ambitious. So I started to write novels and so far have completed three which are published as eBooks. Details of these novels on my other web site Chinese Circles while also there are two of my short stories which were published, one of which,  was read out on Bay Radio and can be heard The Wall

Currently my interests are golf (participator), football, tennis and rugby (spectator), 20th Century history of Spain, Hong Kong and Shanghai, travelling, reading and now writing.